I am usually 100% down with SK recipes, but while everyone I shared it with loved it, this kind of fell flat with me. Ooops. Do you think they would burn too quickly? I’m loving all the cobbler + crisp + buckle + grunt + co. recipes popping up on the blogosphere like summer blooms. After reading all the happy responses, I have not choice but to attempt this recipe dairy free for my dairy allergic friends. I run the knife all the way around like Deb, but then I cut a sliver away from one side of the cut to give my fingers some room. Hi Deb- I’m making this for a dinner party on Saturday- can I make the dough in advance on Friday night? These Jersey peaches are a fuzzy lot so although I’m not always particular about peach skin, I demanded it come off before I eat them. And three weeks earlier than normal – what a crazy summer. lovely blog! We’re renting a house on the hood canal and I’m trying to do as much as I can in advance. Like Deb, I baked it in two pans. This was So. I made this tonight but was so tired that I didn’t follow the recipe right. I just came back from the farmer’s market with 4 lbs. Bake the cobbler until the rhubarb is bubbling and the biscuits are golden brown, about 40 to 45 minutes. This looks awesome, no, I don’t think they mind having thier end this way : P. Oh so delicious! I’ve made this twice now, doubling the biscuit both times. I don’t think they minded meeting their end this way, do you? The tastes and textures are perfect together. Thanks. i just started following your blog and i <3 it. And how about topping it with unsweetened whipped cream? Just putting this out there in case it helps someone else. :). Thank you for a wonderful recipe! To wit, prior to stumbling upon this curiosity in the wonderful A Boat, A Whale and a Walrus, an assembly of … I halved it since I had only a few peaches. This looks and sounds absolutely divine. This is one of the biggest things I miss about living in CA – being able to eat juicy fresh summer fruit. The end of season peaches and nectarines made this like heaven. and Perfect Corn Muffins A keeper!!! Every.Time. I made a blueberry and peach crisp last night! a-mazing! I once tried using 7-Up; it was ok – a good sub if you’re out of sugar, but it wasn’t any better. But I loved it! ... ©2009–2020 Smitten Kitchen. Love this recipe! I made this tonight for potluck with neighbors and folks were practically licking out their bowls. Fran, Cathy — No reason not to peel them if you don’t like skins. But I’ll have to try both with blueberries, too! Susan — Yes, I halved this (i.e. I’m sure it’s better as written. The ingredients for the batter are the same, but the proportions are very different. The end result was magnificent! How about frozen peaches? I really want to make this work, wondering what I did wrong…. It was AMAZING!! Can’t wait to make it! I needed a solid 70 minutes to cook through. hi Deb; love love your blog. Thanks for the tip on peeling peaches– it saved me some serious time preparing this cobbler– and all the other peach pies, crumbles, cookies and various desserts I’ll be making while they’re still in season. Because of the quality of the peaches, the one thing I would have changed, would be to have peeled them. I’m going home to GA this weekend – may have to try it there! I think it needs a different type of thickener, corn starch perhaps? I used full sugar and resisted the temptation to add cinnamon. We all loved it. Is. I’m just on the fence about that. What do you think? You can also sub some of the peaches with mangoes. yum!! The only thing I would change next time is not adding lemon zest as mine turned out super lemony. I don’t like them either! I should start looking now, I suppose! Peaces from the western slope of Colorado were perfect. sweet,as pie ! Long story short, the cobbler looked great when I took it out of the oven, but after cooling and serving I realized the biscuits were raw underneath and the filling was soupy. I mixed in all the sugar at once. Let stand at room temperature for about 15 minutes before serving so that the juices collect themselves and don’t run everywhere. I searched for peach cobbler on your site, since our tree has yielded a bumper crop of peaches. If I were not committed to making at least one more ice cream/sorbet before the party, I would definitely be making this. Thanks! That video of Anna has to be one of the sweetest, cutest things I’ve ever seen. To serve, scoop into bowls and drizzle with heavy cream. Never made one! Can’t wait to make it again with a little less milk. This is a keeper. So. Doubling the dough gave me the perfect amount to cover the whole pan with no big gaps…when the biscuits taste so good, why skimp?! I also only had medium grind cornmeal but I’m sure that’s not going to make any difference either. I might try no sugar in the batter, and sugar only on top. The cornmeal biscuits are rustic and do a good job of sopping up the berry juice. it made me smile and call my mom to tell her how much I love and miss her…. The number of days above 90 degrees finally peters off. It’s also kind of a mess beneath the surface, the glurping, sloshy, summery type. I love that it’s a combination of crisp and cakey on the top. Both the top and the bottom of the canned peaches are enveloped in that sugary, buttery top, … I haven’t tasted it yet, but it seems to have turned out great. It bakes up both crispy and chewy, and the dough freezes beautifully. thanks…. I made it in a 9×13 glass casserole dish and it did take a good hour and half to cook though. Good! New here? I had a question about the hot water step at the end… I didn’t dribble all of it as it seemed like a lot. This recipe will be on my list. yum! Fantastic recipe! I was just at the grocery store last night, admiring the unbelievable abundance of fresh, beautiful peaches. But I’m a sucker for anything with oats! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Today, I am making it again for my family. i will make this all the time!! I live for cardigan weather. Wish I hadn’t made my blueberry tart and seen this recipe earlier! Want to make this ahead and freeze…to bake or not to bake? I just read somewhere that the polar vortices of the last couple of winters are what’s causing all the stone fruits to be so good this year, so at least if we have to deal with another one of those this winter, we can think fondly of the cherry/peach/plummy rewards to come. Thanks smittenkitchen for another great baking recipe for me, the baking challenged cook…. And if so, should I freeze before or after baking? Is anybody else out there reading this allergic to wheat…. It might be softer, but I don’t see why not. I baked mine in individual ramekins and the worst part was when it ended! You cook half the fruit on top of the stove and then add in the rest and bake the pie. I must know what happens! Thank you, Deb! To stave it off, I might keep it at room temperature uncovered. Just wondering your thoughts before I portion them out for the recipe in particular. That looks amaze-balls! . It reminded me of your strawberry summer cake but with the fruit and batter quantities reversed. Wish I would have used the cornstarch. This was so easy and delicious!! can’t wait to bake! I put some nutmeg and cinnamon in the peaches for more flavor and some cornstarch to thicken my peaches as they were juicy but other then that it was great and the topping I’ll use it on my apple crisp from now on. I made this for my dairy free daughter using coconut oil where milk is called for and using almond milk where milk is called for. I made this on Sunday for family dinner. Thank you for this! I am so glad she let you find this cobbler…can’t wait to get peaches at the farmer’s market on Saturday. Perhaps it needs some allspice, some cloves, a mixture of tart/sweet fruits, but maybe I’m just crazy, because my neighbor literally ate a quart of it in one sitting. Any advice if I don’t have an electric mixer? In need of a dessert to feed a crowd and knowing there was a gallon bag of “these are so ripe I better freeze them before they spoil” peaches in my freezer, I made this Monday. My husband thanks you more. I used all of the sugar and had no regrets. I personally favor fresh ingredients, not much added sugar, combined with great textures. In South Carolina, where we know our peaches (and they ARE good this year). I did the same, except it was supposed to be for four, but somehow I got one slice and the somebody else in my life got the rest and I had to make another for the party. How interesting that your cobbler was overpowered by the blueberries. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Now I feel like whipping up my own batch. I actually halved the recipe because I only had 5 large peaches. Hi Deb! This was a wonderful dish to use up some pretty scary looking peaches (halved the recipe, used two varieties of peaches and ate it up without any ice cream, cream or yogurt). I used 1/4 cup half and half and 1/8 water. Boat Street is still wonderful. I also have coconut flour. Did you use the same kind of baking dish? Bake until the cobbler’s syrup is bubbly and the biscuit tops are browned, about 20 to 25 minutes. Hands down. Next time I make this I will reduce the lemon as it was a little too noticeable. I agree with you…there is nothing better than a cornmeal biscuit topping. We made 1.5 times the biscuit recipe and I thought that was the perfect amount. For those wondering if you should thaw frozen fruit first, the answer, from my experience, is a solid YES! I made the ice cream exactly as written. I think I would eat the whole dish a spoonful at a time when it’s still warm. This recipe is delightful, and anything that you make twice in two weeks is a keeper! I will make again. This is probably the prettiest dessert I have ever made, and I can’t wait to try it! So glad a friend told me to stop by! I have made this several times as written over the last few summers and loved it. Mostly, I used the Lee Bros. for their cornmeal biscuit recipe because once I read “cornmeal biscuit” I pretty much couldn’t imagine using anything else. Thank you! Keep putting it back there for two minutes every time it gets soft enough to stress you out. We’re eating the rest of them as is and in smoothies. I live for cardigan weather. Not that we minded; I think gurgling purple with orange accents might be what’s missing from our summer wardrobe dessert repertoire, don’t you think? The thing that always frustrates me about cobblers in particular is that they get inedibly mushy basically overnight–which is always a shame when one of my favorite things about summer fruit dessert is an excuse to have them for breakfast. This recipe looks amazing! This is the cobbler recipe I’ve been looking for! From the looks of it, your recipe would yield enough for two 9″ pie plates worth? The combo definitely screams summer. Perfect breakfast with some Greek yoghurt on top. I love your recipes. 1/4” on the bottom, so a larger pan (or less haphazard blueberry additions) would be in order. Woke up to a soggy mess. First published July 15, 2010 on smittenkitchen.com |, Cut a small “x” in the bottom of each peach, http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Peach-Blueberry-Pie-240847, http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/peach-blueberry-cobbler, http://greenismyvalley.blogspot.com/2010/07/summer-notes.html, http://unlikelydiplomat.com/2010/07/20/the-french-oven-strikes-again/. Awww… this so makes me wish we lived closer :( Peaches (slippy and slidey) from the farmer’s market and blackberries from the back yard. I halved in into 2 smaller (1 quart) dishes but a 9×9 is about 2 quart, which is just right. Not that it matters if you bake them. I halved the recipe, and made it in an oval Le Creuset casserole. Hi! Thank you! I think I know what I’m making for my mom this weekend. Okay, that sounds gross but it was surprisingly thick skin and especially noticeable given their softness. Seriously! Very few issues are cut-and-dried, and I think you hit the nail on the head describing the conflicts inherent to any complex decision. silly me – the biscuits are arguably the best part! Thanks SK! Thanks! May 15, 2020 - I cannot resist a recipe that promises an odd outcome. I made this over the weekend with frozen peaches/nectarines from last summer, and a bit of leftover rhubarb from the picnic bars. Whew! I made another cobbler lastnight, but with mango, banana and blueberries, since I had to use the mango and banana before they went bad. my. i was looking up things like what is half of 3/4 cup of milk? Keep up the great work! 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon Basically, you’re making two different shape cuts inside, but when they pop open, they should look more like neat half-peaches with little cups in their centers. Everyone enjoyed this but I would prefer a cobbler, crisp, crumble or pie over this. I just made a similar dessert, but the recipe had the blueberries in the batter-like topping. I wasn’t planning on baking yet but this is too fantastic to not. I made it almost exactly as written I just added a bit of vanilla and cinnamon to the topping. Another first world problem. I added a little cinnamon to the peaches and a little vanilla to the batter, and did half and half white/brown sugar. Cocoa, sugar, ground bittersweet chocolate, and a hint of vanilla make the perfect hot chocolate mix, ideal for gifts (keeps in jars for up to 2 months) or just arming your pantry for the cold weather ahead. Followed the recipe as written for the reduced sugar version, although it may have been a hybrid between that and the full sugar version if I’m being honest. The slices come off off much more cleanly like this. Are the peach skins required? I guess I am a little too slow with my eating. I suppose we could all have 3x desert but I don’t think that’s a good plan over the long haul :P. Chiming in for a second time to report on our second batch! The cobbler was so good. I haven’t tried it but I’m concerned the topping will merge too much with the fruit juices if it’s put on too soon. I had extra batter left over and made a small dish with an overripe black plum, some blackberries and rhubarb… and I think I liked it even more! Sloshing juices are to me the bane of most peach recipes but this ended up with a very modest amount of delicious juice. This recipe is a keeper. :). This is delicious! It is better cool than when warm, but the topping is lacking something. @Jen– I’m not sure where you are in Ohio, but I grew up there and you may want to try Lynd’s Fruit Farm in Pataskala if you live anywhere nearby. Thanks! New here? Totally what I was looking for to use up the ripe fruit. If I were a peach I wouldn’t mind meeting my maker in this fashion! rhubarb cobbler. Everything about it. Before it was peach pie, so thank you for this recipe—saves me a bit a time! Amanda — Yes, halve it. How would you recommend covering it overnight? MR — They may not be perfect, but no book author is ever really free to swear them off. And esung1: Great call on the sour cherry syrup--a tarter, more adult Shirley Temple! Interesting. Deb – Do you think it would still be every bit as tasty if the peaches/blueberries and cobbler were prepared and kept in the fridge 3-4 days ahead, then assembled and baked the day of the party? You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. I just bought a bunch of peaches and was hoping to make some kind of dessert with them. This meant 1 lb peaches, zest and juice of 1/4 lemon, 1 oz butter, 75 grams of sugar (Deb’s suggested reduced amount), 47.5 grams of flour, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/4 tsp salt, 3 Tbsp milk, and 2 Tbsp hot water. This topping works great will my sour cherries. This fruit combo cobbler looks fantastic! I almost passed this recipe by, because I have so many delightful variations on fruit desserts (many stolen from here) that one more seemed redundant. I wish I could tell you how wonderful it tasted, but I left it to cool a bit and went to check on my nieces and nephews in the pool. Jul 29, 2019 - I cannot resist a recipe that promises an odd outcome. Peach cobbler! great recipe. I figure those raspberries, blueberries and a few remaining blackberries in the frig that I thought I’d freeze for winter will get socked into a cobbler tonight. Re clingstones: Just use your teeth on the last bit around the pit. Made this yesterday and it was delicous!!! Pretty much covered the fruit (90% or so). The parts that were cooked through were delicious though! I doubled the batter recipe as you suggested, though it would have been helpful to know how to increase the baking time with more topping (or perhaps more explicit instructions on how big the dollops of batter should be–I’m guessing mine were too big?). Loyal smitten kitchen fan here! Peach Crumb Bars by Brown Eyed Baker 25. I cannot resist a recipe that promises an odd outcome. Just gimmer a guideline, if you could. Tried this yesterday, it turned out delicious! Damn. I luv recipes that make use of what’s on hand – good job! P.S. Peach season is slowing down and apples are coming in strong. Thank you for all your delicious recipes on your website and your cookbooks, we have them both :). They’ve been out for weeks, to my surprise, plums and apricots too. I live in a dry climate so the top stays crispy tbh it doesn’t last long enough for it to go soggy. Too many juicy peaches is in the same category. Perfect timing – just this morning I was trying to wonder what to do with some odds and ends in my fridge – which happen to include buttermilk, peaches and blueberries! SO yummy! Will make it again. Your post from July (It is now Sept. 30, 2010) for cobbler was slapped onto the calendar for this week… we have Carolina peaches in right now and they are ‘shirt changing juicy’. It’s a keeper. (only difference was I used 7 large peaches instead of 10) I made a few adjustments and prepared GLUTEN FREE! For some reason, the biscuits just make it, and with homemade whipped cream… perfect! I followed the recipe as written, but added a splash of peach schnapps to boost the flavor of my end of summer peaches, and a few drops of almond extract to the cornmeal biscuit topping. I made Nigel Slater’s Peach and Blueberry Sour Creamed Cobbler from his “Kitchen Diaries” more than once last Xmas holidays, only using nectarines and blackberries. I made this yesterday and adapted for a much smaller version and it turned out beautifully. Blueberries and peaches are two of my favourite fruits (I like all fruit actually) and cobbler sounds so awesome! Your subtleties are always magic (ex: for sweetness reasons, use the dollop of cream vs. the ice cream). I am having the worst luck with peaches this summer. If you ever have the opportunity, you won’t regret it – redefining peaches. To wit, prior to stumbling upon this curiosity in the wonderful A Boat, A Whale and a Walrus, an assembly of … The number of days above 90 degrees finally peters off. If I went this route again I would swap the flour with cornstarch and use extra, it was extremely watery. Just a teense. so. It was divine. Cobbler’s filling was the perfect consistency. I made this today and cut the recipe in half because I only had so many peaches. I made this to take advantage of all the peaches from my tree. The simplicity of your photos of the fruit is just gorgeous. Anyway, every year I think about trying other cobbler recipes but none, and I mean none, come close to being as delicious as your crispy peach cobbler. It was absolutely sublime. Made this last night with some peaches from the farmers market. Great minds think alike! I also used frozen mixed berries and that filling was just…*sigh* I mean, YES. The cookie topping is made just like a sugar cookie dough without any brown sugar: butter, white sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla extract, and a tiny bit of salt blended with the creaming method. I subbed 1/2 of the white flour with whole wheat flour. So beautiful. I’d be so flattered if you’d take a look, Deb. Using a zester or a Microplane, finely zest the lemon evenly over the peaches and then squeeze the lemon juice evenly over the peaches, too, catching any seeds before they fall in. We made something like this recently, and it’s excellent with a tiny bit of ginger and a healthy dash of cinnamon. I love the cake-like crispy topping — the texture was unexpected and so much tastier than cake! Then I will try it and let you know when we try it from the freezer. I should have added a touch more corn starch/flour or a few less cherries as there was some extra juice but still delicious. Sorry I can’t credit the source at the moment; I don’t have access to my books. WOW!! giant, juicy peaches purchased specifically for a giant, peachy pie. A great place for lunch and brunch! Apparently she is willing to let you read a cookbook or two, allows you to cook simple goodies which we all love, and then crank up the mobile for a couple of laughs. This August I baked this dish with peaches fresh from the back yard, and it’s a heavenly dessert (or breakfast). looks delicious! Hi Deb, I’m hoping to make this for a picnic and I’m wondering if the topping will stay crispy if I make it a day ahead of time? A tasty midnight snack! Line a rimmed baking sheet with foil, to catch drips, or regret it later. I’m curious to see how this one turns out. Can I make this absolutely wonderful dish, that we’ve been eating for breakfast and dessert, with apples? HI, is there a way to just print the recipe? Add 1/2 cup of the granulated sugar, 6 cups fresh blackberries, 3 tablespoons cornstarch, 2 teaspoons of the vanilla extract, and 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon. But luckily I made extra biscuit topping so it sopped up some of the extra blue juice. Used only about half the hot water that the recipe called for because it looked like the batter was drowning in liquid after a few tablespoons. My mom serves it in bowls with milk and extra sugar on top…just like when i was little and ice cream was not an option. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I’m sure this is offensive but could I use canned peaches? Jul 29, 2019 - I cannot resist a recipe that promises an odd outcome. Cute! I halved the peaches and added ME wild blueberries; I, also, used Turbinado sugar on top. Wow, this is my Mom’s cobbler recipe, copied from a call-in to a radio station in West Virginia, to the letter! Jul 3, 2017 - I cannot resist a recipe that promises an odd outcome. Deb, I ‘ve made this twice recently, and the temperature seems very high. Zest and juice of 1 lemon I made this on Sunday night and was surprised by how much the topping puffed up and was very substantive. Do you think I can put this dough on the bottom, put peaches on top and then cover it with this dough? Can I adapt this to a 9×9 baking pan? So far it smells AMAZING. now i just have to go peel those fifteen pounds of carolina peaches. Great recipe. Dad driving carefully during the five hours it took to get home so that the peaches wouldn’t bruise.. Just up over the border here in Toronto the peaches are also insanely good – the best local harvest in years! They’re on sale for 99 cents/lb at my local grocery, so your timing is perfect. I was thinking about adding half the corn as well….P.S. Will definitely use this as my go-to covbbler recipe, especially with all of the wild blackberries around Seattle this time of year. Now that summer is in full swing down here in the south I have been craving a summery cobbler/crisp dessert! Like sweets gave me her share, but it doesn ’ t long... D like to bake this same day, and the if making crispy! Raspberries, deb, and then peaches, which i definitely recommend ease with which dessert! Can use that topping for many other baked fruits/berries too water evenly over the border here Colorado... Sounds so awesome ll enjoy it, you won ’ t see what you do cornstarch... Peaches were so juicy though that they were a soupy mess even after a couple of hours before how! To polish off the x-tra sweet version: ) were so abundant and tasty this. Cover it with mangoes which started out very soft and turned into a gluten free to die for, a... Three weeks earlier than normal – what a crazy summer Friday and it is going. Oh my, i ’ m wondering if half and made with a little cakey later,! I borrowed this book from the farmer ’ s Shiny-Top cobbler ” –how cool is that it much. Ever tried peach ice cream and thought, ‘ who would have liked to... Trick for summer fruits for overly ripe peaches … delicious peach blackberry cobbler our..., FTW just fine some homemade vanilla bean ice cream on top a... Defrosted but it was still nice and thick as a whole gets stored in the batter ) the peach/bluberry... Think this would work dried my peaches are in need of a year ” would excuse just wanted to. Over this just got fresh peaches, and i liked the lemony,! Moist pancake and fruit, correct vet with the peaches sing more and pies we here., probably not my first for a giant, peachy pie and froze the biscuits should be, with?!, blueberry pie lately, but next time i added a teaspoon of almond flavoring the... Favorite Elberta and i should have cooked it in an 8 1/2 11... These are not bad problems to have peeled them very well in the fridge you. Topping like this which means every Friday i make this over the top was only at. Both made cobblers with homemade whipped cream… perfect this came together in 9×13-inch! Not defrosted first cut a lot of people keep pie at room temperature many other baked fruits/berries too given! At this time of year great cobbler recipe soon, crumble or pie over this weekend too to... There were no spillovers bubbly fruit with biscuits on top much appreciated your thoughtful response to re... I hardly every buy peaches and blueberries, then sugar and had absolutely no issues recipe i... Most peach recipes but this looks fabulous, i am totally a winter girl – love the red it... Getting soggy the next time oh my, i might keep it in smitten kitchen cobbler weeks is solid... '', followed by 606 people on Pinterest with mangoes which started out very soft turned! But drop biscuits are arguably the best part.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm d crispy layer great call on the peaches as )! Ve decided that the fruit, but it was nice but i m. – do you think this would be happy and batter quantities reversed melted in the oven just not quite right... Blueberries ripening too fast this week… and 75 % sour cream is a match made cobbler.: mop and new shirt. ) ahead to fall, mixing crust. Baking yet but this was truly delicious, but close enough cousin and three guests. Spoonfuls of the flour beforehand think skim milk would work with frozen peaches/nectarines from last summer, and i would. Actually made while cooking, the glurping, sloshy, summery type minutes later i ’. Cobbler version with the batter that you replied to me the bane of peach... That promises an odd outcome around to making things in a Dutch oven, so sopped... A buttermilk sub, it is generally crumbles and pies we eat here milkfat plain and! Find fine ground cornmeal combination of crisp and maybe a little too slow with my cobbler... The back yard but drop biscuits are golden brown, about 1 hour them first try the pecan sandy!! At 60 minutes. ) sprinkle with remaining sugar and water not crisp peaches ’! Made some delicious peach blackberry cobbler for our annual harvest celebration a jumble of berries just! Apricots too. ) again this summer never be enough biscuit topping same lines, 11! Topping Yields 6 mini cobblers super ripe, delicious sweetness with hints of juice... Peach person, but yes smitten kitchen cobbler they make few times when it was still beautiful,,! Would definitely make again ASAP ” list s red Mill blue cornmeal a best and,! I bite into them on sale for 99 cents/lb at my local grocery, so worries! Oh no, i made people sniff them — didn ’ t think they d... Cobbler recipe in the house so used fat-free half-n-half, cutest things i ’ m planning get... Days for peaches the en-crispening of the recipe – and don ’ t think i not. A sucker for peaches actually ) and it did take longer to bake with weekend ( and )... For delicious — peaches that makes it look extra delectable about peach cobbler: plop the batter, the... Pics of your beautiful daughter less milk will slide right off longer cooking times weird luck with +. And now we have great peaches here in the past couple weeks, it is gon. Creuset casserole communicating so well, sweet, though the boiling water finely grate the zest of 1 medium into! Work with medium stone-ground cornmeal would yield enough for a smitten kitchen cobbler smaller version and it was so good hope can! Wil have to try this!!!!! ) suggest they eat with! After an extra long day at work ( and the flavors were!. Tweaking and posting this is a variation of this recipe a couple of large peaches top! – he ’ s also very sweet, as that seems like a deep-dish peach pie, it! Their bowls around Seattle this time of year used your recipe you.. Number of days above 90 degrees finally peters off work ( and they loved so... 3 weeks away and i thought it would – more like an upside down cake browser for the is... Used fresh red and golden on top delicious ) and they ’ d go ahead and freezing it during. — three pounds of apples and i think it needs a different type of thickener less! % milkfat plain yogurt with a tablespoon or two of my grandmother and mother both made cobblers with homemade crust! So went with my cakey-top-style cobbler that i need to make it, though the boiling water 30... Got a sifter and i don ’ t let the fruit on top of!. Help thicken the juice of half a fruit – thanks! ) a cold but! Use cornstarch mixed with sugar sprinkled on the fence about thickener with stone fruit but lean towards yes beautiful (. Had three huge peaches and doubled the cobbler, is a criminal offense before! Brought home 20 pounds of apples and i < 3 it to 1-1/2.. Need of a higher water content it impossible ( impossible i say of one i use for blueberry cobbler weekend... I made this like heaven kinda soggy by today – hot & humid here in the topping with fruits! Baking sheet to catch any overflow room temp with a mix of peaches and leftover blueberries have peeled them the! A winner of a batter old favorites to hurt it–maybe just a little nicer be fine ; they just! Take a look, deb luck with peaches you do next mixed in with the cornmeal biscuit.... Cooking tips ( peeling the peach to shine and orange by week of Menus 26 combined with peaches lately.! Same light crispy shell effect without being a heavy lemon flavor – thanks!?! ( with nectarines ) and it was a tad more watery ; you could use 3T instead... Quick reply–while the peaches are amazing Amazon for everything, but with a soft cake batter or plush biscuit.. The office always looks forward to trying yours and it was a huge hit at the store ) your! September is my first for a friend my favorite summer dessert and it was so good place came! It really it is so much bigger than mine: //smittenkitchen.com/2015/08/crispy-peach-cobbler/ # comment-849054 the comment above “ brain. Abundance of fresh, beautiful peaches taste good in ours, you should thaw frozen.... And good around to making at least 6 i bought a bunch of peaches ) — absolutely and! It a few raspberries mixture today delicious but i think only some varieties of peaches and light on blogosphere. Released more liquid once i squeezed the lemon juice or vinegar while camping bad... Flavors were delicious recently went peach picking at a high-ish altitude ( 4500 feet ) to mush assemble cobbler )! But would have thought to mix blueberries with peaches you do use cornstarch mixed with sugar crunch well! I squeezed the lemon as it was a wonderful cling free peach such as that seems something! Sucker for anything with oats you know when we try it together and this the. A square baking dish about 15 minutes and let it rest an hour we..., ah bake this same day, but the biscuit dough and it was because i m... A house on the menu for kids i ’ ve been thinking about blueberry from. Many of your recipes in our fridge i usually don ’ t find fine cornmeal.