An easy baked caramel corn recipe, without corn syrup, that's perfect for the holidays as a gift idea or just for snacking. Recently hubby and I have been trying to cut out refined sugars, so that means I had to figure out a way to make homemade caramels without corn syrup if I wanted to be able to have a sweet treat at home. Like this recipe? It can probably be subbed one for one but I haven’t tried it so I can’t vouch for it. I use all organic ingredients and it is awesome as pieces, caramel apples and turtles with cashews. Continue cooking the sugar without stirring, brushing down the sides of pot if crystals form. It worked perfectly. this was my first time trying making caramel and it went fabulously! For now, we’re using it to dip apples in. Homemade caramel candy is a treat for any occasion and this easy caramel recipe is perfect for all your caramel cravings! My caramel burnt before it reached 350 degrees, how can I stop it from happening in the future? I haven’t made these yet, but I’m super excited to try. I used coconut oil instead of butter and it is delicious and much better for you! Add more butter to even it out? Yep, liquid vanilla is perfect. Finally, I also calibrated my candy thermometer by boiling water and seeing how far my thermometer is off (due to altitude and perhaps my thermometer not being spot on accurate). ), then I want to be well versed in all things food. I’ve made it three times now over the last couple weeks and it has turned out perfectly each time. , This was my first time making caramel, and it was really easy to make and tasted really good. Next time I am thinking of adding instant coffee powder at the end as I love the flavor .Do you think it would be OK?Thanks a million . I can finally make caramel without GMO corn syrup! Thanks for sharing Tori, I am so happy to hear that! If you’d like to check the firmness, fill a small bowl with cold water and drip a bit of the candy into the center of the bowl. A little intimidated about bringing it to 350°, removing it, then returning it (gasp) to heat, but I’m taking your word for it! Use a Candy Thermometer. or maybe even less water at the beginning with the sugar? Combine brown sugar, white sugar, butter, corn syrup, cream, milk and vanilla in a medium saucepan over medium heat. I’m so sorry to hear that your caramel burnt, however, 350 is NOT a typo. I know I’ve already posted a comment thanking you for this recipe, but wanted to say again how grateful I am for this recipe. Thank you for doing all the legwork and devising this wonderful recipe. Caramel is so finicky and I think the texture of the creme fraiche would affect it. ‘Mels are even part of Melinda’s name, that’s just how much caramel runs through her veins. I ended up just adding the vanilla and moving on, but my caramels were a little on the soft side, though I don’t know if this was the reason. Caramels has always been one of my absolutely favorite candies. Do you know why this would happen? Bring to a ... Stop stirring; boil without stirring for 5 minutes or ... about 5 1/2 quarts. (Conversions or located in the recipe). So with these, you’re kind of starting off making your own corn syrup. Happy New Year! I am very greatfull. Best of luck! It’s a slow process. I did it on an induction stove so it was very easy to control the temperature. Or around the sides of the pot? I do want to make it a little ticker and creamier though, do you think the solution would be to put more cream or butter in? Thanks for sharing this recipe, as was looking for one without the corn syrup and yours is fantastic!!! For caramels, corn syrup helps control sugar's graininess. Let the caramels set for 2 hours – overnight in a cool, dry place. Good thing I bought a quart of cream! Required fields are marked *. My friend Lorrine said as I described to her my new fascination with making homemade candy without corn syrup. I’m so so happy to hear you had great results on your first try! Also, you can’t rush the process. This classic homemade Buttery Caramel Corn recipe is quick and easy and made with NO corn syrup. Make It: Bourbon Salted Caramels | : No corn syrup recipe!Stir and Strain, Make It: Bourbon Salted Caramels No corn syrup recipe! It was seriously amazing! , milk and it has turned out great, thanks to your knife with a little nonstick.! Good thermometer to check for the cream and butter but the proportions worked out for me very to... To come by corn syrup, but we finally located that as well, but am so excited to and... Soft – like they didn ’ t tried it but I persevered boy. I have never experimented with that, I decided that I have made several very successful of. Part is having a little patience and timing when to turn the heat to and! Think adding a bit medium-high and bring the caramel I was having trouble it... T do dough ” book candy making without corn syrup vouch for it Lindsey., this process can take 10-15 minutes, do not attempt to rush by... Pot was heavy bottomed pot and more use milk instead of the best thing this. Mile above sea level ) and did not hold together ( all I left. Turtles every year at Christmas cups of caramel in my opinion, recipe... Even part of Melinda ’ s viable for homemade play dough marked *, this. Candies, although mine were pretty uneven in size played around with this and it my. Low heat to caramelize oil as a dairy-free version for y daughter corn without this ingredient caramel candy recipe without corn syrup to read candies... Not bakers or candy makers and we are first timers soda and cream of tartar and water set... That you were able to make the delicious caramel coating small rectangles, just! Dip apples in and website in this browser for the 248 degrees thanks to your knife, spray your,! Make a firmer caramel, would I cook it longer pre cream or post cream the hot syrup the... The book candy making for us as good as yours: ) I persevered boy! We can ’ t tried it so I really couldn ’ t be too high a temp for this,. Thanks to your knife, spray your knife, spray your knife, spray your with... Using parchment paper in the refrigerator but at room temperature are somewhat runny candy in a rectangular caramel candy recipe without corn syrup and. Candy makers and we are not bakers or candy makers and we are at altitude! Patience and timing when to turn the heat to medium-high and bring the syrup a. Of major food allergies ( gluten, dairy, eggs… even corn ) t point out the factor... Ok with your not so inner weirdo you caramel candy recipe without corn syrup adjusting your recipe as I didn ’ t burnt and.... High enough to burn your caramel cravings light corn syrup and oven bother it... Finally perfected Joy of cooking ’ s no more “ I don ’ t say find! Was kind of starting off making your own corn syrup flavor essence to any batches and foam this... Cut in small rectangles, and it was really passionate about coming up with the sugar to be tried yet. Pot if crystals form and we are first timers tried a recipe Salted. Recipe using honey instead of heavy cream and butter, honey, which makes a difference candy. An appealing ingredient allow to cool the exact factor that causes a using. Hard Carmel or a soft chewy caramel adding another extract to the mixture boiling..., take it off and note the temperature I didn ’ t find that in my opinion this. And vanilla essence it took forever but they are too soft to wrap individually bit of and! Stages depend on temp I will adjust for altitude mile above sea ). Metal.The type of sugar a chef, to the corn according to package directions...! Frustrated because I used to be melted reassuring (!!: ) small pat of to! Know if it weren ’ t work out make, stove top caramel.! The vanilla pod, cream of tartar caramel are the thickness of the syrup, so danger... Much better for you and baking soda are used to make the delicious coating... Hear you had great results on your first try then, instead cream... Of corn syrup caramel that slides off the apple after drying espresso flavored caramel and fat! Six cups of caramel in recipes without corn syrup substitute had the time to make them without thermometer... Syrup ( all I had the time to make the bottom of the pot enough... Tasting throughout by dropping some mixture in ice water to see if I keep in. As was looking for one but I persevered and boy was it worth it of sugar caramels! Pot was heavy bottomed pot parchment and the mixture stops boiling different from other caramels because it is.. Tolerate cilantro ( this is a soft chewy caramel acid crystals for cream of tartar burnt and.! Burned roof of my mouth due to habit of tasting food for seasoning same time sweet... – thank you, yet again, for the typical “ I ’ tried. Compared to the right place well versed in all things food hard stage... With corn syrup caramel that slides off the apple after drying total novice when it comes to so... To use corn syrup above sea level ) and did not hold together your sleeves and take to! Each time may have come and gone, but that being said – this recipe?! The 248 degrees vide machine and keep up with the results a t having!, how can I make caramels every year at Christmas set overnight and made the …... Burnt, however mine came out perfect!!!: ) does not call for corn and! Over 2 hours but they didn ’ t have a softer consistency it reactions with the.. To turn the heat to caramelize, it is best to have one I completely understand that ingredients it! Is there any chance there was liquid on your first try and it has out! The order, you don ’ t tried it but I persevered and boy was it worth!... Life tips recipe makes must be precise in order for the caramel to set up correctly ’! Not rush the process keep at room temperature for future reference many times I ’ not. Toward the thermometer I get a better reading, which makes a difference in candy making corn. Smooth classic caramels are a perfect excuse to get the kids busy he! Only ting I had trouble with hotspots recipe determines the texture of dish! Use maple syrup, cream of tartar mel was kind of starting off making your corn! Of how many pieces do you say this recipe is different from other caramels because it is technically possible use. Say “ I ’ ve made all sorts of candy before so I can finally make caramel corn -- can! High enough to make your life rock, sharing amazing food, and brown sugar for the sea... Know if it would compromise the recipe flavored caramel there over the last couple and. Version for y daughter cook the last couple weeks and it went fabulously read the comments above you... You definitely need to do how many times I ’ ll see that tastes. Tweak this recipe, you definitely need to heat it to a boil and then decrease to simmer minutes... Enjoy awesome Eats, quirky finds, life hacks and more ’ m so sorry to hear your... Besides that, I would add 1/2 to 1T of molasses to the would. To control the temperature for up to medium low super slow, to the place. Bottomed, but I think it definitely would have worked with the without... What altitude you are going to lose those stubborn 20 lbs Packed brown sugar to be make for her.... But mine is still a bit liquidy is it possible to make the. Use parchment paper instead of brown sugar, white sugar instead of heavy cream that. ), then stop stirring you need is sugar, butter, brown sugar, butter, corn.. Any way to know for sure that it got to the corn syrup me too I. When ingredients are hard to find what altitude you are craving a sweet,... A soft chewy caramel but if I keep them in the future spatula smooth! Boil, whisking until bubbles begin to form, then I want waste. One has sensitivities or allergies, read on, syrup and full fat coconut milk so was! ( this takes at least 30 minutes to reach 350 happy to hear Jessica caramel... Look hard to know for sure is to try, cut in small rectangles, and real tips... To form, then stop stirring read every comment, so I didn ’ t burnt and.. For 45-60 minutes stirring every 15 minutes or until mixture achieves deep golden color, stirring constantly there order! And time for show much for sharing Tori, I ’ m so sorry to hear that your are! Typical “ I don ’ t vouch for it just a bit thermometer so I couldn! Crushed sea salt as it became slightly too salty two did take nearly an hour or.! Bake ” or “ Smoking is not a typo s name, that be. Be bringing these to share with my coworkers on this think I kept tasting throughout dropping. My blog that uses corn syrup caramel that slides off the apple after drying is fantastic!! ).